Residential & Commercial Property Development 

About Us
Snyder Barker Investments (SBI) is a real estate development team that creates value by developing and acquiring residential and commercial properties.  Its management has 60 years combined experience in investment and development across residential, office, retail, and industrial properties.  With strong roots in the community, SBI has a nimble, opportunistic approach that allows it to take advantage of localized real estate cycles, and an investment discipline with a long-term outlook.  SBI understands the power of combining resources to create best in class projects.  We approach each opportunity as if it is a project we would want to own for the long term.

Our Team
Jason T. Snyder and Brian C. Barker are the principal partners of SBI.  Brian and Jason worked together at Carey Realty Investments on several successful developments, redevelopments, and brokerage assignments.  In 2011, Jason left Nationwide Real Estate Investments and Brian left Carey Realty Investments to found Snyder Barker Investments.  Paul E. Pardi left Nationwide Real Estate Investments in 2015 to join SBI.  The SBI team is experienced in identifying undervalued and underutilized properties, structuring partnerships and acquisitions, and guiding the vision for the end use.  SBI creates value with its expertise in site selection, zoning sites for development, design and construction, establishing leasing and management plans, and evaluating sell/hold decisions.

Thoughtful Design
Most of SBI’s projects have focused on in-fill, ground-up Class A residential development.  Each of these projects have been thoughtfully designed to complement its surroundings and exceed the standard for the neighborhood.  SBI has built a track record of successful rental and for-sale projects that have been well-received by discerning residents and buyers.  SBI also has experience with “value-add” and “adaptive reuse” opportunities; including the recent renovation and successful re-tenanting of a previously neglected office building in Victorian Village.