About Us.

We are passionate about great design. We even named our company, Crimson, because to us, it’s the color of passion. It’s a word we love and one that inspires us.

And when we googled “Crimson,” we saw other words that inspire us, too. Words like: action and energy, and joy. It turns out that all of those words are what we think about when we’re designing and creating interiors. 
Why are we so passionate about great design?

Because we believe it impacts lives, and that it can open a door for us to live life better and more fully.
Welcome to the world of Crimson Design; we’re happy to share our passions. 

Our Point Of View.

A first home, a growing family home, a vacation home or a downsized home. Start-up company interiors, expanding company spaces, or corporate headquarters, in each one and for each one, great design plays its part. 
Crimson Design Group opens the door to it through our process of Design Translation.

Design Translation lets us meet clients and understand who they are. It lets us know what they care about, what they value. And after we do, it lets us translate emotions into materials, intangibles into tangibles, and the memories we hold in our minds into the objects we hold in our hands. 

Design Translation lets us create homes that are always all about our clients.